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There’s one thing that Elizabeth Jende Chevalier is very clear about: The first step to making an impactful impression is having clarity about who you are, and how you want to do business.

Once you establish this, opportunity will follow.

“You never know which person in the room holds the key to opportunity,” says Elizabeth Jende Chevalier, President of EJC Move and a leadership development coach/consultant for clients in the US and abroad. “Turn around and introduce yourself to the person behind you in the registration line, or at the luncheon table. You’d be amazed at the synergy you find and how the dots start connecting.”

Elizabeth speaks from experience. A random meeting at last year’s conference opened a door for opportunity she didn’t know existed.

“Last year I met someone at lunch and we had one of those instant connections. We decided to stay in touch. After the conference, and unbeknownst to me, she thought my skill set would benefit a friend at the SC Department of Commerce so she shared my information. A few weeks later, I got a call and ultimately was hired for a project.”

The ripple effect from this unexpected connection extended beyond one assignment. After working with the SC Commerce Department, Elizabeth was sought after for more jobs connected with the SC Commerce Department extending into 2019.

Elizabeth says something else to keep in mind in a room full of suppliers overwhelmed with eager prospects is the power of a unique approach.

“When you walk up to someone, keep saying to yourself, ‘More of you, less of me.’"

She also encourages attendees to ask clarifying questions and then actually listen to the answers. This approach will lead you to the next question and helps build a stronger connection. Suddenly, it will become very clear whether you are the right person to help solve their problem. Or not. Either way, it’s a valuable exchange.

“If you discover you’re not the right company for the job, keep in mind that someone you have met could be the perfect fit. Making connections for other people is what makes the ripple effect such a powerful phenomenon.”

Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience helping people become the leaders others want to follow and support. In addition to being a leadership coach, advisor and speaker, her passion is helping women and the next generations of leaders create significance. Some of her clients include Draexlmaier Automotive, Greenville Tech, Joyson Quin Automotive, Greenfield Industries, UPS, and Verizon.